Horses are herbivores who need 12 to 20 hours a day to ingest a low energy feed.
Or, less horse access to a continuous feed. In addition, the shortage of fodder, increased supply costs, climate constraints make it necessary to control the quantities distributed. More and more teams have chosen to drastically reduce the distribution of fodder with the inevitable consequence developing food pathologies.
Use haynet allows your horse to find the instinct of grazing, better manage the quantities consumed and especially to allow your horse to spend more time eating.

The distribution of food in the form of meal is not natural for a horse is now responsible for the formation of ulcers and many other food pathologies. Distribute 3 or 4 meals a day to keep their digestive system is a start, but what are doing the horses the rest of the time? Especially at night?
How many of us have seen horses wince, incense, eating the wood boxes, kicking doors, ... all in the hope of fulfilling their full stomach acidity.
The horse's digestive system never stops to produce acid.
When the stomach is empty of food, it is filled with acid and mucosa, is not protected, deteriorates, leaving room for pain and burning. The horses become stressed, are annoyed at nothing, develop ulcers, colic and tics associated with confinement and boredom.
Horses should have continuous access to feed poor in energy and high in fiber.
Restrict access to fodder to spread consumption throughout the day is the solution recommended by veterinarians, to allow the horse to find a food behavior for which it is genetically programmed.
The haynet ZENHORSE help you achieve this goal: give your horse a herbivore role!