How to feed your horse in the meadow ?
Season grass :
- If your horse is in the meadow all year , it can freely fill his stomach as he sees fit , provided that the available surface is sufficient to feed him. Be careful , too many people still think that if the horse grazes all day, is that there is grass !
- Regularly around your pastures to check availability in grass and do not forget that about 30% of the prairie is devoted to the refusal will not be little or eaten. Keep this in mind !


Dry or winter season :
- As soon as the grass is scarce , you can start to provide your hay net slightly filled with a mixture of hay and straw , just to verify the need fiber of your horses . The straw is somewhat palatable , ingestion means your meadow is not enough to feed your horses.
- Once the distribution begins to amplify , let available haynets always partly filled .
- Hay nets ZENHORSE must be used continuously. At first, the horse will eat quantities that appear impressive because we too accustomed to eating as if it were his last meal ( he eats as we fast-food version ) .
- Over time , when the horse will understand that he will always hay available , its use will suddenly diminish. You will notice a distinct change in his behavior. It will become very quiet, does throw more on meals concentrates, not compete more with other dogs at meals.


Not just any haynet !
Only the mesh size can guarantee you that you can slow down enough intake of forage. Nets with mesh sizes greater than or equal to 45 mm you would best avoid some waste of hay by the phenomenon of contention but will have little long-term effective action on the digestive system because the bites are still too great .
We recommend (but it is for you to test which cell is suitable for your horse ): - 35-45 mm for horses unaccustomed to hay net - 30-35 mm for ponies or horses overweight or accustomed nets
Each horse is different. The longevity of a net also depends on the behavior of the horse. As with blankets, some horses can be very good at systematically destroy any object with which it is contacted . We ask you to insist in using haynet until the horse enters the routine phase and digestive adaptation. This will make it much quieter and will not have these destructive behaviors.

Effects on ration
Not only our nets ZENHORSE will allow you to avoid wasting hay but will also make you realize food economies.
A stressed horse needs more energy than another horse. Our nets ZENHORSE allow a longer period of time fodder and food through the digestive system , thus enhancing the value of the ration. In addition to calm your horse, you will decrease as his ration because it will value the better to ingest .