How to feed your horse?

 First, the horse is an herbivore. This means that the digestive system is adapted to receive continuously , small amounts of food. 

It is not made to withstand long hours without food because his stomach produces acid all the time , whether it is empty or full. 

In addition, the horse needs to walk to digest . The fact of confining a horse in a stall 24 / 24 by not distributing at best 2 or 3 meals , exposed him to unavoidable conditions : ulcers, colic , bulimia, tics, coprophagia ...

It is common in the food distribution , observe aggressive behavior by horses. They are not an expression of bad character or poor upbringing but rather that of a stomach burning and horses do not know how to express their discomfort ! When the horse chews his food, he produces saliva which reduces the acidity of the stomach . More bites are , the more saliva is produced in large quantities. This eliminates the stress alternation of empty and full all day long stomach.