Why use the strap instead of wire for making your individual nets ?
For over four years we are testing many nets . The conclusion is always the same:
- The straps are much more resistant to bites than wire
- In the same mesh , the ingestion time is longer with a straps net 
- A net with straps is much easier to fill, hang
- Less waste of hay with straps
- Low risk to a horse shod foot caught in the net

The mesh size is important? Marks haynets rarely offer meshes below 45 mm. But 45 mm is used only to avoid wasting hay ! For the horse to really slow ingestion , calm his stomach, it is not necessary that the net allows it to take large mouthfuls . We consider 35 mm for a horse that has never had a net is a good range. For ponies and more greedy horses , we can drop to around 30 mm. Our nets are " really small mesh hay net ."
Do you propose nets to feed several horses together?
Yes , our range offers a version for round bale net mesh 30 mm, 35 mm or 45 mm. This net mesh tied with 4 mm thickness will allow big savings compared to hay hay ad libitum in rack ( - . 57 % according to a recent study by the University of Minnesota on the use of economizers hay ) .
Contact us if you want a quote for these nets are customized according to the size of your boots .
How do you justify the price of your nets ?
First of all our nets are made entirely in France with extremely resistant straps, tested on a test bench , and a tarpaulin 900 gr of excellent quality. Choosing to manufacture in France is not trivial !! We are very committed to the preservation of our jobs in France , quality manufacturing and sustainability. Unlike individual nets son whose life does not exceed a few months , we design our nets into the goal that they become the long-term companion of your horse. Moreover, its price will be amortized very quickly just by saving hay !